To ensure optimal performance and fair usage of the Solink API, we enforce a rate limiting policy. This policy helps in managing the load on our servers and provides a reliable experience to all our users.

Rate Limit

Daily Request Limit: The primary limit is set at 10,000 requests per day.

While the daily cap accommodates typical usage scenarios, we also have safeguards for more intensive, high-frequency use cases:

Maximum Payload Size: 10 MB per request.
Batching Support: We support batching for posting events to the data integration webhook, with up to 100 events per batch.

Maximum Requests per second: 100 requests per second. This high limit is meant to support scenarios requiring rapid data access, while preventing overwhelming server response times.
Maximum Concurrent Requests: We permit up to 200 concurrent requests. This limit ensures that a high volume of simultaneous requests can be handled effectively.


These limits apply across all users, customers and applications. If your application requires a higher rate limit, please reach out to our API Support team ([email protected]).

Handling Rate Limit

When a consumer exceeds the rate limit, the API will respond with a 429 Too Many Requests HTTP status code. Consumers are advised to implement appropriate error handling strategies to manage these responses.

Best Practices:

  • Monitor your API usage to ensure you stay within the prescribed rate limits.
  • Implement exponential backoff in your retry logic to better handle rate limit errors.

For more information or if you have specific requirements that exceed these limits, please contact our API support team.